We began to collaborate with Fyodor Ovchinnikov (founder of Dodo Pizza) in 2011. Along with developing the system components, we were creating a software team, hiring and training new programmers, analysts and testers. Now, the software team is a separate company but our collaboration with Dodo Pizza continues.

Several years in the food sphere have allowed us to gain more experience and complete some business automation projects. A typical list of software components and functions designed for such systems is given below:

— ordering: mobile application, website, call centre, cash desk, marketing actions

— kitchen display: tracking cooking processes at all stages

— product delivery: driver/delivery guy application, electronic signature via the application

— accounting: ingredients, technical cards, different types of supporting docs, audits and etc.

— corporate reporting at a restaurant and restaurant chain levels

— integration: online cash desks, IP telephony, SMS marketing, fiscal data operators and suppliers