This is one of the oldest and largest  children club chains related to supplementary education. The goal was to create CRM software and franchisor software.

The franchise CRM system includes the following:

— schedule of club working hours that would cover specific features such as workings off, non-closed classes or vacancies

— sales stages: lead lifecycle with sales funnel at every stage

— clients: payments, contracts, subscriptions, membership fees, accounts, attendance

— finance: ins and outs, budget, partners, reports

— employees: salary, personnel record

— documents: club opening, employees’ medical card reminders and etc.

— integration: club card scanner, IP telephony , SMS marketing, emailing, data import from Sberbank (Sberbank transactions), 1C accounting suit, Point, MKB

The franchisor system takes data from the franchise CRM systems and allows the franchisor to keep track of the club ratings.